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Opelbella Studios was created to bring others and myself joy, on a creative level, as a way to express myself and connect with others! I see the world in images and photos, so for me being behind a camera comes very natural and is my comfort zone! With my photography, I strive to create a genuine connection between nature, myself and my audience. I appreciate you so much for following me and supporting my passion!

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We Create Our Own Realities, Why Not Live In Beauty?

On this site you will find photos ranging from every area and aspect of life! I love candid moments! Posing for a pretty picture! I see the world in images and like to reflect the beauty of the moments in between! Seeing the beauty in all aspects of life is my life agenda. I couldn’t agree more with Kahlil Gibran when he says “We seek only to find beauty, all else is a form of waiting.” I have owned my Nikon D5100 for 1.5 years now and I have never loved anything more- except my cat, of course! I do hope to upgrade my camera one day, but for now, I see absolutely no reason as it is meeting all of my creative needs. I personally would recommend Nikon to any camera enthusiast.

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Sincerely, Yours Truly, Me, Olevia!

I aspire to bring together a community in a creative way that we may all genuinely connect with! Please feel free to share this website with others, as it is all about connecting, realizing we are all interconnected, and passing on the love!

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